Wi-Fi Bug Now Affects the Surface with Windows 8 Pro Too

Users report a similar bug in the Pro version of the tablet

It’s no secret that plenty of Surface RT tablets are affected by a Wi-Fi bug that leads to limited or no connectivity, but it seems that a similar issue is plaguing some Surface Pro units as well.

Several users have confirmed on the Microsoft support forums that a Wi-Fi connectivity issues was also experienced on the Surface Pro and, just like it’s the case with the RT, no workaround is available.

“I have a Surface Pro and symptoms are during any large file transfer the nic goes to ‘limited’ and only a reboot restores connectivity,” one user said. “I have this issue on a Surface Pro. Mostly occurs in our offices with Cisco Aironet APs but also with my AT&T hotspot.”

Microsoft is expected to release a new fix for the bug together with the other Patch Tuesday updates next month, also likely to include workarounds for some other Surface Pro glitches.

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