WinPatrol 26.1 Released

It complies to user request to add Minimize and Maximize buttons

“As requested by just about everyone for the last 15 years”, as the developer put it in the release notes, the new version for WinPatrol now sports Minimize and Maximize buttons.

The delay in adding them to the new build was not the developer’s lack of interest, however, but the actual code, which made development in this sense a little tougher than ordinary.

WinPatrol 26.1 also integrates a new option, which lets you enable programs be run “as administrator” in the delayed list.

Also new is the ability to restart Windows 8 straight in the Repair/Restore mode. The need for such an option stemmed from the fact that Windows 8 boots very fast on many machines and users are very likely to miss the chance to press the necessary key to boot into “safe mode.”

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