WinSCP 5.1.1 Released

It uses new VeriSign publisher certificate for signing binaries

The fresh new build for WinSCP has been designed to improve compatibility with Windows 8 and increase functionality and stability of the application.

The installer for WinSCP 5.1.1 creates a desktop icon for all users by default, but on Windows 8, only the main icon is pinned to the modern Start Screen.

Also new in this revision is the VeriSign publisher certificate used for signing binaries, which ensures that users are delivered the original file, as intended by the developer.

Furthermore, WinSCP 5.1.1 includes the commands to execute PuTTYgen (RSA and DSA key generation utility) and Pageant (SSH authentication agent) in the Tools menu.

The list of repairs addresses issues such as failure when saving a file opened from a closed session or renaming an incorrect file using the director tree, when changing the remote directory. You can see the entire changelog here.

Download WinSCP; also available in portable version.

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