Windows 1.0 Is Nearly Identical to Windows 8 – Photo

People keep poking fun at Microsoft’s Modern UI integrated into Windows 8

Windows 8 was officially launched more than one year ago, and although you might be tempted to think that people have already gotten used to the Modern UI, this never happened.

In fact, users across the world keep making fun on the Metro interface, claiming that its colorful and boxy design is actually inspired by Windows 1.0. And, to be honest, now that we’re looking at this picture, there might be some truth behind these words.

“Gaudy colors, boxy design. Apps can either run as a small tile or fullscreen. No freely resizable/movable windows,” the picture we’ve found on Reddit claims.

And while this could clearly sound like something a Windows hater would say, it’s pretty clear that not all users are impressed with the Modern UI. In fact, Microsoft knows this very well and living proof is the recently-launched Windows 8.1 that tries to make Metro a bit more customizable.

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