Windows 7 64-Bit Is Safer than the 32-bit Version – Microsoft

Official figures reveal that the 32-bit release is more likely to be hit by a virus

Microsoft’s Security Intelligence Report Volume 13 reveals some very interesting figures concerning the currently available versions of Windows 7.

According to these stats, Windows 7 64-bit builds are a bit safer than the 32-bit iterations, as infection rates seem to be specifically aimed at 32-bit flavors of the operating system.

As for Windows Vista however, the infection rate is almost the same in both cases, so those looking for a safer working environment are recommended to make the move to Windows 7 64-bit. Microsoft has a very good explanation for these new stats:

“In the past, 64-bit computing tended to appeal to a more technically savvy audience than the mainstream, and the infection rates for 64-bit platforms were typically much lower than for their 32-bit counterparts, perhaps because 64- bit users tended to follow safer practices and keep their computers more up- to-date than the average user,” the company said.

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