Windows 7 Is Losing Ground in Steam Usage Data

Steam data shows that users are dumping Windows 7 for other operating systems

Just as we’ve told you on Saturday, new figures revealed by Valve for its very own Steam platform revealed that Windows 8 has increased its market share in December by more than 2 percent for the 64-bit version.

But it’s also very important to note that Windows 7, currently the number one operating system in the world, has lost 2.23 points, which may actually indicate that Windows 8 is slowly taking off.

Data provided by Net Applications for the month of December revealed that Windows 7 continues to be the top OS out there with a share of no less than 45.11 percent, while Windows XP comes second with 39.08 percent.

Windows 8, on the other hand, has only reached 1.72 percent in Net Applications’ ranking, while a so-called Windows 8 “Touch” version recorded a 0.05 percent market share.

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