Windows 7 Is No Longer Microsoft’s Top Priority

The company prefers to focus on Windows 8 more than on previously-released products

Although it’s currently the most popular operating system in the world, Windows 7 is no longer Microsoft’s main focus, as the company prefers to pay more attention to its brand new Windows 8.

The Redmond-based technology firm won’t release DirectX 11.1 for Windows 7 platforms, in a move that’s believed to force gamers to switch to Windows 8.

What’s more, Microsoft is apparently planning to dump service packs completely, so Windows 7 users won’t get a second service pack for their operating system. Instead, the Redmondians prefer to focus on more frequent updates that could keep their products up to date.

Internet Explorer 10 will arrive on Windows 7, but only in a preview form for the time being. There’s no word on the final release, so it’s pretty clear that Microsoft isn’t quite eager to release this new browser version.

In the meantime, Windows 8 users get all the goodies, so if you’re craving for attention, make sure you deploy the latest Microsoft operating system.

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