Windows 7 KB2803821 Update Causes Trouble to Steam Users

Even more video rendering issues reported after the last Patch Tuesday cycle

Microsoft rolled out seven different bulletins last Patch Tuesday, but one of them is continuously causing headaches for users around the world.

While some people reported issues with Adobe software and specific games, it seems that Steam users are also experiencing issues, according to posts on the official forums.

“While I was playing Darksiders today, some of the movies and cutscenes had a half-black screen. I tried restarting the game, then Steam, and then my computer, but that didn't stop it,” one user explained.

As we’ve told you, this is a problem caused by KB 2803821 on Windows 7 or KB 2834904 on Windows XP, so the only way to deal with the issue is to uninstall the updates until Microsoft rolls out an official fix.

We’ve reached out to the Softies for a word on this, so more details coming soon.

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