Windows 7 KB2872339 Update Still Stuck in Installation Loop

Users are still experiencing problems with the September 10 updates

Microsoft rolled out several botched updates on this month's Patch Tuesday cycle, most of which were stuck in an installation loop causing lots of problems to Windows 7 users.

Even though the company announced this week that all issues have been fixed, it turns out that at least one update is prompting users to install it after every reboot.

The KB2872339 Windows 7 update, dated September 10, shows up in Windows Update over and over again, even though installation seems to be successfully completed.

While we're pretty sure that Microsoft is looking into reports as we speak, users affected by the problem need to either ignore the message prompts or hide the updates until an official workaround is provided.

To do this, go over to Windows Update, click on the list of the available list, right-click the entry that's prompting you to install after every reboot and hit the “Hide” option. Keep in mind that once a fix is released, you need to follow the same steps to restore the patch.

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