Windows 7 Keeps Top Spot as Windows XP Loses Ground Quickly

Users are apparently migrating away from Windows XP

Windows 7 remained the number one choice during the week of January 13, according to data provided by Net Applications, but the real surprise is that it even managed to improve its market share.

Windows 7 currently has 45.35 points, up from 45.15 one week before, but it’s more important to note that users are apparently migrating away from Windows XP, the 11-year-old operating system that Microsoft will stop supporting in April 2014.

Two weeks ago, Windows XP had a market share of 39.08 percent, but new figures released for the last week indicate that this particular OS version has dropped to 38.71 percent.

In case you’re wondering, Windows Vista remains the third choice for computer users out there, with a share of 5.06 percent, a slight decrease over the 5.1 percent share recorded a week before.

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