Windows 7 Manager 4.1.9 Available for Download

It updates several components, Junk File Cleaner among them

Windows 7 Manager received an update today, thus incrementing the version number to 4.1.9. As usual, the list of modifications available for this suite announces only the new versions for the components it integrates.

This revision makes no difference. Among the improvements available in this release is the program’s ability to remove junk files as the Junk File Cleaner has been updated to version 3.9. The Service Manager has also been improved, as it reached build 2.7.

Furthermore, the developer brings to the table a better version for the logon background changing utility as it has been updated to revision 4.3. The visual customization component received an update as well.

Windows 7 Manager is a collection of tools designed to help you improve the performance of the system. You can download it from here.

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