Windows 7 PCs to Stay on Sale Until October 2014

Windows 7 is very likely to remain buyers’ top choice for the next couple of years

Although Microsoft still struggles to convince everyone that Windows 8 is worth a shot, Windows 7 continues to remain the top choice for most new PC buyers in the world.

Windows 7 computers, however, will stay on sale until October 2014, according to Microsoft’s very own guidelines that allow manufacturers to deploy an older OS two years after the launch of a newer version.

Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean that Windows 8 won’t increase its market share, but with so many users finding the new OS confusing, it’s very likely to see a slow adoption in the next couple of years.

8 in 10 buyers actually choose Windows 7 over Windows 8, a PC builder has revealed, hinting that some consumers aren’t at all satisfied with the GUI changes Microsoft has implemented into its new OS.

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