Windows 7 Remains the Top OS in September, Windows XP Comes Second

Windows XP continues to lose ground in Windows 7’s favor

August was the month when Windows 7 officially became the most popular operating system in the world, with Windows XP falling on the second position for the first time since its launch.

Last month however, Windows XP lost even more ground in Windows 7’s favor and is expected to go down even more in the next months, as Windows 8 gets ready to hit the market.

According to Net Applications, Windows 7 remained the top choice in September with a market share of 44.04 percent, while Windows XP dropped to 41.23 percent. Windows Vista remains a disappointing operating system with 6.05 percent, while Mac OS X 10.7 is still far away from Windows with 2.34 percent.

Windows 8 will officially debut on October 25, so it’s no surprise that its market share barely reached 0.26 percent, but Microsoft expects to record a significant growth from the very first months of availability.

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