Windows 7 Starts Losing Users as Gamers Embrace Windows 8

Steam data shows that Windows 8 is increasing its market share

While Net Applications data revealed that Windows 8 is slowly increasing its market share, some new stats provided by Valve for its Steam platform indicate that users are actually dumping Windows 7 to move to another platform, most likely Microsoft’s new operating system.

At this point, the overall Steam share of Windows 8 is at 10.67 percent, up from 9.63 percent one month before. Windows 7, on the other hand, is slowly losing ground and, even though it currently holds 68.51 percent of the Steam market, its share is dropping on a monthly basis.

69.73 percent of Steam users were running Windows 7 in January, while one month later, these figures declined to 69.31 percent.

Windows XP remains amazingly popular, as it’s currently installed on 8.72 percent of the computers also running Steam, but the 11-year-old operating system is quickly drowning. XP had a share of 9.33 percent in February and 10.05 percent in January, so users are finally making the move to a newer platform.

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