Windows 7 Installed on More than Half of PCs Worldwide

It remains the most popular operating system in the entire world

It’s no secret that Windows 7 is the most popular operating system in the entire world, but some new data provided by StatCounter for the first two weeks of February confirms that Microsoft will have a very tough job making Windows 8 the top choice.

Windows 7 is currently installed on 52.6 percent of all computers worldwide, the statistics indicate, while Windows XP, the 11-year-old operating system that’s quickly losing users, dropped to 23.76 percent.

Mac OS X comes third with a combined market share of 7.54 percent, followed by Windows Vista with 6.47 percent.

Windows 8 isn’t included in these statistics, as the latest addition to the Windows family still has a very low market share but, according to research firm Net Applications, it has already jumped over the 2 percent milestone.

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