Windows 7 Users Would Rather Switch to Apple Than Buy Windows 8

A new survey claims that Windows 7 users aren’t at all attracted by Windows 8

Although Windows 8 is a “reimagined” version of the popular Windows 7 operating system, users of this particular software would rather switch to an Apple device than buy Microsoft’s latest product.

A survey conducted by antivirus company Avast and published by USA Today reveals that one-third of Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP consumers in the United States would skip Windows 8 in the favor of Apple devices.

In addition, the study shows that 16 percent of the current American Windows users consider buying a new computer. Out of these, 68 percent say they might purchase a Windows 8 device, while 30 percent are looking into Apple’s very own iPad.

Of course, Microsoft is yet to comment on this report, but the company will most likely say that Windows 8 is already showing early signs of success all over the world. Without actually providing some accurate sales numbers, that is.

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