Windows 7 Yet to Reach the Ubiquity of Windows XP [Forrester]

Forrester analyst says that Windows XP remains the most popular OS in the enterprise

Windows 7 is clearly the number one operating system in the world, but Forrester analyst J.P. Gownder says that it’s yet to reach the “ubiquity” of Windows XP in the enterprise market.

A new report released by Forrester this A.M. revealed that Windows 7 is indeed the number one choice for 47.5 percent of IT workers worldwide, while Windows XP is the second with 38.2 percent.

Still, Gownder said, XP once owned 80 percent of the workplaces around the world, so Windows 7 has a lot of work to do.

“We can safely call Windows 7 the new enterprise standard, particularly since Microsoft will end support for Windows XP in 2014. But Windows 7 hasn’t reached the ubiquity of XP, which once was installed on over 80% of enterprise desktop devices. However, it bears noting that Windows XP took five years to reach its peak, while Windows 7 has only been present in the market for three and a half years,” Gownder was quoted as saying by VentureBeat.

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