Windows 7’s Business Appeal Was Three Times Higher than Windows 8’s

New data shows that Windows 8 still needs to improve its sales performance

Microsoft said a few days ago that it had managed to sell a total of 60 million copies of Windows 8 in approximately two months after its launch, emphasizing that sales of the new operating system are in line with those of Windows 7.

But when it comes to the business industry, Windows 8’s sales performance is far from the one recorded by its predecessor, according to figures provided by Context and published by CRN.

Initial business sales of Windows 8 in the business sector are three times lower than those of Windows 7, with the new software accounting for only 10 percent of sales in this industry segment in December 2012. Windows 7 shipments reached 33 percent during the same timeframe.

Of course, the lack of a Start button and the other UI changes are still cited as the main reasons for Windows 8’s sales performance, as many consumers choose to stick to Windows 7 instead of upgrading to the new OS.

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