Windows 8.1 / Blue Renames Kiosk Mode to “Assigned Access”

Microsoft continues to refine the Blue upgrade due this summer

A new build of Windows 8.1 got leaked a few days ago, indicating that Microsoft is making new refinements to the operating system that’s expected to see daylight this summer.

Kiosk Mode, a feature spotted in the previous leaked builds, has been renamed to “Assigned access” to better describe its purpose of locking down a specific system and restricting access to just a single app.

“For assigned access, you can choose an existing standard account to have access to only one app that you choose. To sign out of assigned access, quickly press the Windows logo key five times,” the feature description published in the Control Panel reads.

It’s not yet clear if Microsoft plans to introduce any other improvements to this feature in the next builds of Windows 8.1, but expect the public beta of the OS to go live in June at the BUILD developer conference.

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