Windows 8.1 Build 9415 Available for Download from Microsoft Connect

The company is reportedly letting devs download a pre-beta version of the OS

Windows 8.1 is quite a hot subject these days, especially because we’re getting closer to the public debut of the preview version scheduled to take place on June 26.

As a result, it’s no surprise that all kinds of rumors reach the web, mostly concerning the features to be implemented in the operating system.

Now it might seem that Microsoft has published a pre-beta version of Windows 8.1 on its Connect service, thus allowing select developers to give a spin to the operating system before the public release goes live.

The available build, labeled as 9415, comes with multi-language support and most of the features we should see in the final release, including the familiar Start button.

Still, the button isn’t always visible on the desktop, but instead users need to move the mouse cursor in the lower left corner to enable it.

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