Windows 8.1 Build 9477 English Version Leaked

A new version of the recently-leaked 8.1 build is now available for download

New Windows 8.1 builds get leaked to the web as we move closer to the official launch of the RTM version expected to take place sometime this month.

This time, it’s the English version of build 9477 that reached the Internet, bringing the same improvements as the Chinese flavor I told you about yesterday.

As it turns out, Microsoft has implemented a few changes to the Start screen, modifying the Mail and the Help & Tips icons, probably in an attempt to bring both of them in the spotlight.

While the Mail app has received lots of improvements in Windows 8.1, the Help & Tips tool is completely new and is supposed to help users get around the operating system.

Microsoft is set to unveil Windows 8.1 on October 18, but Windows 8 users will be allowed to get it as a free download one day earlier from the Store.

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