Windows 8.1 Error: Live Tiles Not Working, Apps Showing Down Arrow Icons

The installed apps do not seem to be working, users are now reporting

A number of users are reporting issues with the Start screen live tiles after moving to Windows 8.1, as all seem to be just static and do not show real-time information.

At the same time, consumers claim that all apps they previously used on Windows 8 display some down arrow symbols and in most cases, they fail to launch.

Note that the same symbols have been used by Microsoft to show that the app needs to be downloaded and install again, with the down arrows typically showing up after an update from Windows 8.1 Preview to RTM.

This time, however, it’s a totally different situation, with a Microsoft support engineer suggesting that the issue might be caused by security software.

At this point, there is no available workaround, but users should try downloading and installing the available apps once again, especially if they switched from Windows 8.1 Preview to RTM.

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