Windows 8.1 Installation Error: 0x80070057

Users are still having problems when trying to install Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 is now available for download, but although it may seem like anyone can get it, some users are still experiencing major problems during the downloading process.

A number of Windows 8 adopters turned to Microsoft’s Community forums to report the 0x80070057 error that shows up when Windows 8.1 is ready to launch the installation procedure.

“It downloads fine, then goes through the checks and goes into ‘Applying Changes’ for about 3 minutes, then it fails giving me error code 0x80070057. I tried the reboot in normal mode suggestion from another post, but it did not help,” one of the users reported.

At this point, Microsoft is yet to release a workaround for this, but some other users are suggesting that removing specific USB devices from your computer could do the job and let the Windows 8.1 installation process to complete.

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