Windows 8.1 Installation Fails with Blank Black Screen

Users are still having problems trying to download the new Windows 8.1

Even though Windows 8.1 is supposed to be available to everyone these days, some users are still having problems when trying to download it from the Store for a number of reasons.

Now a number of Windows 8 consumers are claiming that 8.1 installation fails with a blank black screen that shows up right after several reboots.

“I updated to 8.1, the upgrade was going good, my laptop rebooted several times, then when it booted, it started up in a black screen with just a cursor in the middle, and it’s stuck in that. I tried rebooting but still same effect. The update now has made my laptop unusable!” one user wrote on Microsoft’s Community forums.

In some cases, users are provided with a 0xC1900101 - 0x40017 error pointing to an installation issue, with available options for repair, reboot, and restore.

Update (October 22, 2013): we've created a small guide on how to fix the black screen error during the Windows 8.1 installation.

Update 2 (October 23, 2013): Microsoft has also released some instructions on how to repair the black screen issues in Windows 8.1.

Update 3 (November 2, 2013): it turns out that users are still getting the black screen error two weeks after launch.

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