Windows 8.1 Is Proof That Microsoft Is Listening to Users

That’s what an analyst said after trying out the features available in Windows 8.1

Both Windows boss Julie Larson-Green and CEO Steve Ballmer said during the BUILD developer conference that Windows 8.1 is the living proof that Microsoft is listening to users, pointing to the Start button as a key feature of the OS update.

Now, Richard Logan, public and corporate sales director at analyst firm Misco, says that Microsoft’s efforts to get closer to users could be a winning strategy.

"The option to boot directly to the familiar and 'classic' desktop avoiding the tile style interface should make enterprise customers more open to adopting Windows 8. It removes a concern related to the need for retraining employees," he was quoted as saying by The Channel.

The Start button, however, is still a controversial feature, as the Windows 8.1 doesn’t launch the eagerly-awaited Start Menu, but instead gets users to the new Start screen.

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