Windows 8.1 Issues: Start Screen Search Times Out

Microsoft’s Bing Smart Search doesn’t seem to be working for everyone

Microsoft rolled out Windows 8.1 with a completely revamped version of the search tool called Bing Smart Search, but according to some users, there still are some bugs to be fixed with this feature.

Users who posted on Microsoft’s Community forums are claiming that searching from the Start screen times out almost every time, especially when using the “Everywhere” setting to look for information. This particular configuration returns both local and online results, including apps, settings, web links, images, and documents stored in the SkyDrive folder.

According to one user, the provided error message reads “Something went wrong and it took too long to complete your search. Try searching again,” even though the Internet connection appears to be just fine.

Microsoft is yet to release a comment on this, but expect the company to address the issues in the coming weeks, as it rolls out patches to correct Windows 8.1 glitches on a regular basis.

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