Windows 8.1 Lets Users Change Product Keys from Both Metro and Desktop

The software giant has made it easier to change product keys in Windows 8.1

The Redmond-based technology giant Microsoft has tried to make Windows 8.1 a much more user-friendly operating system, so in addition to visual improvements, it also rolled out several helpful options.

For example, the Preview version of the first Windows 8 update allows users to change product keys from both Metro and desktop.

While accessing the dedicated Metro options is as easy as typing “product key” on the Start screen and hitting enter, the desktop product key changer can be simply launched by typing “slui” in a standard run dialog.

According to sources familiar with the matter, the RTM version of Windows 8.1 could arrive as soon as this August, while general availability is set to be announced in October. Microsoft is yet to comment on this release cycle, but expect more details to be provided in the coming months.

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