Windows 8.1 Not Working with Older AMD Processors

Redmond has confirmed that certain instructions are no longer supported in Windows 8.1

Microsoft promotes Windows 8.1 as the right operating system for basically everyone, but it turns out that some users are experiencing quite a lot of problems when trying to update.

Now Redmond admits that Windows 8.1 isn’t working with older AMD processors, as the operating system requires specific instructions they do not support. The change was made to 8.1 exclusively, as users have confirmed that Windows 8 works quite fine with these processors too.

In a statement sent to Neowin, Microsoft confirmed that users might experience problems with a number of older AMD processors.

“This was a change done to improve the security effectiveness of Windows by removing code that cannot use instructions such as CMPXCHG16b. Based on our data, the number of affected processors are extremely small, since this instruction has been supported for greater than 10 years,” the company said.

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