Windows 8.1 Pre-Beta Build 9385 Reportedly Leaked

A new version of the Windows 8 upgrade seems to be out for testing

Microsoft continues work on the first Windows 8 upgrade and, even if the company remains tight-lipped on this project, lots of details keep reaching the web thanks to leaked ISOs.

This time, a user posted a screenshot of what seems to be another pre-beta flavor of Windows 8.1, build 9385, which could actually be the last version of the operating system sent to partners before the public preview is released.

While we can’t tell for sure whether this 9385 build is indeed being tested by partners or not, it’s very important to note that it also packs an x64 version of the operating system, the first of its kind since the first leaked ISO reached the web a few weeks ago.

As usual, take all of this with a grain of salt, but expect the public preview of Windows 8.1 to be unveiled in a just a couple of months, as Microsoft is rumored to use the BUILD developer conference in June to present the first Windows 8 upgrade.

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