Windows 8.1 Preview Bugs: Desktop Icons Cannot Be Moved

One more bug found in Microsoft’s first Windows 8 update

Users have found yet another bug in Windows 8.1 Preview, as it appears that some of them cannot move their desktop icons around after deploying the first Windows 8 update.

Consumers have obviously turned to Microsoft’s support forums, asking if this is indeed a bug or maybe a new feature introduced in Windows 8.1.

“I successfully installed Windows 8.1 Preview yesterday from my Windows 8 Pro version. It looks very good, but one big problem that bothers me. As opposed to all previous OS's I can't drag and drop or move any icons on my Windows 8.1 Desktop. When I try I just get the ‘circle with the line running through it’ symbol and that's it! Is this an error in this version of 8.1, or is this planned by Microsoft?” one user wrote.

Microsoft is yet to release a workaround on this, but given the fact that it’s a bug, expect a fix to be provided in the coming weeks as part of its larger update cycles.

Before accusing Microsoft for shipping software that's full of bugs, you have to keep in mind that Windows 8.1 Preview is an early version of the upcoming operating system, so it's kind of obvious that some problems are likely to be experienced.

Microsoft warned from the very beginning that Windows 8.1 Preview shouldn't be installed on your daily PC, so you use it at your own risk.

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