Windows 8.1 Preview to Get the Axe Next Week

All users are strongly recommended to make the move to the full version of 8.1

Microsoft will officially retire Windows 8.1 Preview next week, so users who are still running it right now are strongly recommended to update to the full version of the operating system.

Windows 8.1 Preview was unveiled in June at the BUILD developer conference in order to allow developers and other interested users to try out the first update for the core Windows 8 modern operating system.

The full version of Windows 8.1, on the other hand, brings quite a lot of improvements, including the return of the Start button, that’s supposed to make the entire platform a lot more user-friendly and allow adopters to quickly access specific features of the operating system.

Of course, Windows 8.1 is offered free of charge to all Windows 8 users, so the transition from Windows 8.1 Preview to the full version of the OS won’t cost a thing.

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