Windows 8.1 Professional Released for DreamSpark Users

The company has made the OS update available for more users

Microsoft continues to make Windows 8.1 available to more users, so today the company rolled out the first Windows 8 major update for DreamSpark subscribers.

Although only a few users can currently see the new entry in their DreamSpark accounts, Neowin is reporting that Microsoft might only offer the download in specific regions, so you could also log in and find out whether it is available for you too.

Windows 8.1 is projected to be launched on October 18 for end-users, with Windows 8 users to be allowed to get it free from the Store.

The company will also offer 8.1 as a separate package for pre-Windows 8 users, so Windows XP, Vista, or 7 consumers will have to pay $119.99 (€90) for the core version and $199.99 (€150) for the Pro one.

No public announcement has been provided on this, so we're still waiting for an official word from Redmond.

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