Windows 8.1 “Secure Boot Isn’t Configured Correctly” Workaround for Intel Machines

Here’s how to fix the error in case you’re running Intel hardware

As you probably know by now, Windows 8.1 is causing quite a lot of problems to users trying to deploy it, with many experiencing an error saying that “Secure Boot isn’t configured correctly” and placing a watermark with the same message on the desktop.

A post on the Intel community forums reveals a very simple workaround for those who are running Intel hardware and getting the aforementioned error.

Consumers need to reboot their devices, enter the BIOS mode (by either pressing the Shift or the assigned F key) and access the secure boot options menu.

After that, make sure you enable secure boot and check the option that says “Install Intel platform key.” Press F10 to save changes and reboot the computer.

In case you’re not seeing the Secure Boot option, but you still get a “Secure Boot isn’t configured correctly” error, make sure you install the latest BIOS update.

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