Windows 8.1 Start Screen to Feature Live Tile Size Menu – Screenshot

Microsoft will roll out four different live tiles in Windows 8.1

Microsoft has already confirmed in a long post published one week ago that Windows 8.1 would come with some new types of live tiles, but here’s something the company has forgot to mention.

As we can all see in the Start button video I told you about yesterday, the Windows 8.1 Start screen also comes with a dedicated menu that allows users to quickly resize the displayed live tiles.

There are four different options available in this menu, namely large, wide, medium, and small, each with its own predefined settings.

In addition, users will also be allowed to tweak just a single live tile at once by simply right-clicking it, with the same options displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Microsoft thus plans to make the Start screen a bit more user-friendly, especially because the company has expressed its intention to completely abandon the old Start Menu concept available in Windows 8 predecessors.

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