Windows 8.1 Update Promo Video Highlights the Charms

Redmond has released a new video showing 8.1 Update in action

Windows 8.1 Update was launched only a couple of days ago, but Microsoft keeps rolling out promo videos to highlight some of its key features and show the operating system at work.

This time, the company is showcasing the charms, which have been around since Windows 8 and didn’t receive any major improvement for 8.1 Update.

Microsoft, however, says that they’re just perfect for those who want to access specific features with ease, but also to share files, search the web, or get to the Start screen almost instantly.

“No matter where you are in Windows, the five charms -- Search, Share, Start, Devices, and Settings -- provide easy access to common tasks and are quick ways to get to actions you do often, like search the web and your PC, print documents, and email photos and links to your colleagues. The five charms are always available from the right side of your screen,” Microsoft says.

Windows 8.1 Update doesn’t come with any tweaks for the charms, but instead focuses on the desktop side of the operating system, so it comes with options to pin Metro apps to the taskbar and context menu settings on the Start screen.

This video is, however, worth a look, so click the play button and let us know what you think in the comment box after the jump.

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