Windows 8.1’s Boot to Desktop/Skip Metro Option Leaked – Screenshot

The next Windows release will allow users to boot directly to desktop

Windows 8.1 will come not only with a Start button, but also with a dedicated option that would allow users to skip the Start screen and boot directly to desktop.

A new screenshot that reached the web today reveals a new set of Start screen customization settings, including an entry that reads “Go to desktop instead of Start when I sign in.”

While Microsoft hasn’t commented on this particular feature, the company actually confirmed that it wants Windows 8.1 to be more user-friendly, so such an option would pretty much make sense.

In addition, the aforementioned configuration panel includes settings to show the desktop background on the Start screen, always show Start on the main display when the Windows logo key is pressed, show the Apps view automatically when the Start screen is clicked, and list desktop apps first in the Apps view.

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