Windows 8.1 to Bet Big on the Start Screen Despite the Start Button's Comeback

Microsoft will still promote the Start Screen as a key feature of Windows 8.1

Microsoft might bring back the Start button in Windows 8.1, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it plans to abandon the Start Screen, so this new feature is going to receive several improvements in the next Windows release.

The Start Screen will get plenty of customization options, some of which are supposed to let users change tiles and tweak the interface.

In addition, the company will keep dedicated options to pin folders to the Start Screen and to the Taskbar, thus allowing them to quickly access a specific location on their computers.

This option has already been included in Windows 8, but as you can see in this screenshot published by a user, the company will keep it in the future Windows upgrade.

Last but not least, the Start Screen will also come with tiles of different sizes, but also with new backgrounds and different colors for a complete customization experience.

In addition, the company is also believed to prepare a Metro-based file manager, so pinning a folder to the Start Screen might actually allow users to access its content without leaving the Metro UI at all.

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