Windows 8.1 to Bring ReFS Support – Leaked Screenshot

Microsoft might introduce a new file system in its first Windows 8 upgrade

Windows 8.1 will definitely bring a lot of changes, some of which concern the user interface and the way you can customize the operating system, but it appears that Microsoft is also pondering the debut of some new “hidden” performance improvements of the built-in technologies.

Windows4Live has found out that the recently leaked preview of Windows 8.1, build 9369, comes with support for the ReFS file system that was first introduced in Windows Server 2012.

While the ReFS introduction might not seem such a big deal, this new file system is based on the well-known NTFS technology and offers not only enhanced stability, but also improved reliability for on-disk structures, as well as support for some new features, such as BitLocker encryption and Access Control List.

As usual, we can’t tell for sure whether Microsoft is indeed planning to bring this feature in the final build of Windows 8.1, but as we can all see, the company is at least considering doing so.

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