Windows 8.1 to Disappoint Just as Much as Windows 8 Did, Research Suggests

Microsoft’s future update will do little to save the declining PC industry

Everybody expects Windows 8.1 to spawn a new wave of devices, be they PCs, laptops, or tablets, but that’s not going to happen in the next few months.

At least, that’s what a forecast published by Canalys seems to suggest, as it points out that new PC sales will go down 5.4 percent as compared to 2012. Notebooks will also decline 12.1 percent versus the year before, it added, according to The Channel.

While that’s not at all good news for tech giant Microsoft, Canalys analysts believe that Windows 8 uptake will remain low in the next months, even if Microsoft introduces a major refresh.

"These convertible products have disappointed so far," James Wong, an analyst at Canalys, was quoted as saying by the source. "[Customers won’t] compromise on a Windows 8 convertible or hybrid,” he added when talking about the next 18 months.

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