Windows 8.1 to Feature New Start Screen Customization Settings

The company is working to improve the Start button replacement

It’s no secret that Microsoft is planning to improve the Windows 8.1 Start Screen, but the recently leaked build 9374 reveals some very interesting details about the new Start Menu replacement.

A report by shows that Microsoft has introduced a new “Customize” button on the Start Screen that’s very likely to provide access to a pack of personalization options.

At this point, clicking on this button only allows users to move a selected tile from one position to another, but more customization settings are very likely to be introduced in the coming builds.

In addition, the Start Screen is also expected to allow the use of four different live tile formats, namely large, standard, wide, and small, while also packing more color and background customization options. Last but not least, a download progress bar for the Start Screen is also likely to debut in Windows 8.1.

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