Windows 8.1 to Feature New Touchpad Customization Settings

Microsoft is trying to provide users with more customization power for their touchpads

Microsoft is planning to use the upcoming Windows 8.1 upgrade as a new way to boost sales in the notebook and tablet sectors, so the company is currently considering some new features especially aimed at buyers of such devices.

A short tweet from AngelWZR revealed that Windows 8.1 build 9369, the one that got leaked a few hours ago, comprises several touchpad settings that provide users with more customization power in this regard.

Basically, Windows 8.1 users are allowed to enable or disable the touchpads, edge gestures, and swap control direction.

Of course, it’s not yet clear if Microsoft plans to bring all these options in the final build of Windows 8.1 but, given the fact that they’re already there, the company is at least considering offering more configuration options for devices using touchpads.

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