Windows 8.1 to Merge Microsoft’s Desktop and Mobile Worlds

The company is working on better integration of the PC and mobile OS

It’s not a secret anymore that Microsoft is working on Windows Blue/8.1, as the company has already confirmed the project, but it seems like the new operating system has a much more important role besides bringing essential improvements to Windows 8.

According to a report by Digitimes citing the same unknown sources from the supply chain, Windows Blue is very likely to merge the PC and the mobile platforms, as Microsoft is working on a better integration for its future products.

Basically, the main reason for this new strategy is Microsoft’s intention to compete with Google’s Android, as some manufacturers have already expressed their intention to release Android-based devices, including notebooks and tablets.

A report released by Gartner last week indicated that Microsoft may very well lose its dominance in the IT world in case the company doesn’t focus a bit more on the mobile world, so it seems like Ballmer got the message and is now working on a new strategy.

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