Windows 8.2 Concept Is Here to Refresh the Modern Desktop

Designer creates an interpretation of the upcoming Windows 8.2

More and more reports are suggesting that Microsoft is planning to release a Windows 8.2 update to the core modern operating system, and designers across the world couldn’t miss the occasion to release their own concepts imagining upcoming features.

This particular concept created by DeviantArt user Vinis13 refreshes most of the desktop with a new charms bar, an improved taskbar, and a completely reworked File Explorer.

While there still are some things to be improved and the interface clearly needs more refinements, it’s pretty obvious that this concept follows the same trend suggesting that Microsoft must improve the desktop with several new UI elements.

An enhanced taskbar, a revised file manager and maybe Modern apps that run on the desktop should be part of the upcoming operating system, all these concepts indicate, and there’s no doubt that most users feel the need for the same improvements.

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