Windows 8 Ads Make Users Think Old Monitors Can Be Used as Touchscreens

Japanese users actually thought that Windows 8 can turn any monitor into a touchscreen

Windows 8 is an operating system that goes beyond the desktop PC environment and lands on tablets, promising to offer a whole new experience on a touch-capable device.

We’re yet to find out if Microsoft’s aggressive advertising campaign was effective or not, but it seems like some Windows 8 ads actually had an unexpected effect in Japan.

RocketNews24 writes that some local users actually thought that deploying Windows 8 on an older computer can turn their monitors into touchscreen devices.

While that’s clearly impossible, we’re ready to bet that Microsoft didn’t see this coming. Maybe using more anime characters to promote Windows 8 is the only way to go in Japan.

Truth is, the DSP Windows 8 version is almost sold out, mostly because it comes with some very special goodies aimed at the local market.

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