Windows 8 Anti-Virus Struggles to Pass New Security Tests

Microsoft's Windows Defender is once again disappointing in anti-virus tests

While Bitdefender Internet Security 2013 has been crowned the best anti-virus on Windows 8, Microsoft's Windows Defender scored poorly, struggling once again to get AV-TEST's certification.

Windows Defender got an overall score of 11.5 points, way behind Bitdefender that achieved the highest score of 18 points.

Specifically, the Windows 8 anti-virus received 2 out of 6 points for the protection it offers to its users and only 3.5 points out of a maximum of 6 for the overall performance on the new operating system.

Usability brought Windows Defender 6 more points, as the app provided zero false warnings and incorrect detections of legitimate software as malware.

Microsoft doesn't usually comment on this type of anti-virus tests, but the company did criticize AV-TEST's procedure in the past, claiming that its security products are a lot better than what these results could trick you into believing.

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