Windows 8 Becomes the Fourth Most Popular OS in the World

Microsoft’s new OS is slowly increasing its market share

Microsoft remains tight-lipped on Windows 8’s sales performance, but stats provided by market researchers indicate that the new operating system is increasing its share at a pretty slow pace.

Net Applications data for the month of April show that Windows 8 has finally become the fourth most popular operating system in the world, with a market share of 3.82 percent.

While these could seem to be fairly good news for tech giant Microsoft, they’re not, as Windows 8 is still trailing behind Vista and its 4.75 percent market share.

Windows 7, on the other hand, keeps its leading spot with a record 44.72 percent, while Windows XP proves to be extremely difficult to kill, as it’s now powering 38.31 percent of computers worldwide.

In case you’re wondering, the fifth most popular OS in Net Applications’ rankings is Mac OS X 10.8 with a 2.82 percent market share, while Linux is way behind with 1.21 percent.

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