Windows 8 Can Get Your Boyfriend to Propose to You – Video

One more ad that brings Windows 8’s features in the spotlight

Windows 8 is an operating system aimed at all users categories, as it boasts a wide array of features and plenty of improvements as compared to Windows 7. Or at least, that’s what Microsoft claims every time when talking about its new OS.

This new commercial released by the Redmond-based technology company this morning supports this statement, showing everybody that Windows 8 has the right features even if you wish to propose to your girlfriend.

The Start Screen plays a key role in providing access to all Windows 8 features, even if so many people have described it as a fairly confusing replacement for the traditional Start button.

And still, it’s just a matter of time until you get used to it, Windows boss Julie Larson-Green said. And according to Green, this process shouldn’t take more than two weeks.

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