Windows 8 Coding Marathon Brings Together 10,000 Students

Microsoft’s AppFest coding event goes live in India

Microsoft has officially started a new AppFest coding event in India, this time trying to bring together 10,000 students from all across the country.

And according to Business Standard, the Redmond-based technology company has managed to gather even more enthusiasts, as the event was organized at the same time in 45 cities in 18 states of India.

The idea behind this project is pretty simple: Microsoft plans to show everyone that creating Windows 8 apps is easy, so it invites young developers to do this as part of a one-day long marathon.

“An average of 250 students from each college contributed to the total number of 10,000 participating students. The tremendous response amounts to over 60,000 collective hours of coding. An estimated total number of 3,000 full apps were imagined and created during the one-day code-a-thon,” the company said after the start of the event.

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