Windows 8 Concept Features an Eye-Candy Start Menu – Start Screen Mix

Here what’s a Start Menu for Windows 8 could look like

If we are to trust all unofficial reports, Windows 8 isn’t selling too well, with the UI changes and the lack of a Start Menu cited as two of the main reasons for its rather poor sales performance.

Deviantart user RVanhauwere has created a Windows 8 concept that mixes the traditional Start Menu with the newly developed Start Screen, thus allowing users to access both features at the same time.

The envisioned Start Menu uses Microsoft’s live tiles to provide updates on the available apps without even opening the programs.

Of course, Microsoft will most likely stick with its Start Screen, instead of relaunching a Start button option, as sources familiar with the matter had hinted that Windows Blue, the upcoming Windows contraption, won’t bring back the traditional Windows feature.

Such a design, however, would most likely work and come in handy to many users, but let us know what you think via the comment box below.

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