Windows 8 Concept Mixes the Start Menu and the Start Screen

A new Start Menu design imagines a different kind of Start button

Opinions are still mixed on whether Windows 8 needs a Start button or not, but various design concepts prove that a Start Menu would integrate pretty neat in Microsoft’s latest operating system.

This concept, for example, was designed by DeviantArt user RVanhauwere, who says that such an interface would be pretty helpful in case Microsoft decided to create a separate edition of Windows 8 just for desktop.

The most interesting feature, however, is a hybrid that mixes the traditional Start Menu and the brand-new Start Screen in a way that could actually be pretty helpful for users. The live tiles would continue to exist, although they would be smaller.

The user icon has been moved to the bottom right corner and clicking on it would launch user options, such as “the ability to manage other accounts, switch to another account, change your user picture, and many others,” RVanhauwere explains.

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